United Lisen Education Centre maintains a world-class team of English instructors. We invite you to read on to learn more about our English teachers.

Our Valuable Teachers

Christine (刘珊杉)

Named a “Gold medal” English teacher at the New Oriental School in China, Christine (刘珊杉) specializes in helping students prepare for their IELTS exams. Christine has a diverse teaching background and she’s one of our experts in teaching practical and effective IELTS preparation skills, conversational English and English for use in the business world.

Christine (刘珊杉) has taught English in a range of different settings, including secondary schools, universities and private companies. Popular among the students, Christine excels at helping students as they work to refine their skills and improve their grades tremendously. She’s known for her enthusiastic and light-hearted attitude.

She has also received many accolades and awards. She won the National Quality-oriented Education and English Proficiency Competition, and she has worked as an interpreter for many business conferences and business negotiation sessions. She has also been involved in designing, planning and editing curriculum, teaching materials and even some popular textbooks.

Christine (刘珊杉) has attended many lectures and seminars, held by some of the world’s top linguistics experts. She also leverages a very thorough understanding of the cultural differences between Asian and Western societies.


Originally from the UK, Jane has been living and working in Asia since 2000. She lived in Hong Kong for two years, teaching at the Hong Kong Berlitz school, which is one of many schools affiliated with the international chain of Berlitz language learning schools.

After moving to Singapore in 2002, she offered English tutoring services and taught English courses at a diverse range of schools.Most recently, Jane served as the Academic Director of a boutique hospitality school where she taught degree students and supervised their dissertations.

Jane brings considerable experience to our institution. She has extensive experience teaching conversational and academic English to students of all ages, from children, to teens and adults.


Recommended for admission to School of International Studies, Zhejiang University, Yuki received the Bachelor’s Degree with speciality in English & Literature. Yuki was the chief instructor and operation manager in New Oriental School, helping students prepare for exams of Singapore SM1 and IELTS. She has also received many accolades and awards.

She won the first prize in National Contest of English Knowledge, the second prize in “Star of Outlook” English Speaking Contest. She also received the tittle of Excellent Teacher and prize for The Outstanding Contribution in New Oriental School.

Yuki has a rich teaching experience and solid English language skills, besides, she has studied the methods of English teaching and written Middle School Students’ Sense of Classroom community & Pedagogical Implications.


Chandara has over 20 years of working experience in the corporate sector with numerous MNC and teaching English and Business classes hoping to share his experience and knowledge with students. He holds an M.B.A from Nottingham Trent University, UK and numerous other qualifications from reputable organizations like SDALT (Specialist Diploma in Applied Learning& Teaching).

His forte is mainly into Conversational English, Business English, management and business subjects comprising Human Resources, Marketing, Leadership & Communication and his students comprises all academic levels from Diploma to Masters.

“It is my hope that the students who take my class will enjoy the learning process. I work to ensure that each and every student learns the skills they need to use English freely and comfortably. The English language is an extremely valuable communication tool. Education is a journey and one needs to continue learning throughout his/her lifetime.” he believes.


Frank, graduated from Imperial College London, now is working in Singapore. Before moving to Singapore in 2012, he had years of experience living in UK, where he obtained his undergraduate Bachelor degree as well as postgraduate Master degree. Having achieved score 9 in IELTS Reading and Listening, Frank has demonstrated his unique understanding of the test and is able to initiate his students into the essence of IELTS. Beside teaching IELTS rigorously, Frank is alway glad to share his experience of living and studying abroad with his students.


Kenneth Xi majored in Banking and Finance in Nanyang Business School(NBS), Nanyang Technological University(NTU), Singapore. He was an active debater on NTU English Debate Squad. As a member of the university representative team, he has participated in and won many international tournaments. He is familiar with Singaporean education system since he went through it personally and passed all stages of exams with flying color.

He studies and teaches AEIS, O Level and IELTS ,having worked as a valued teacher, writer and translator with New Oriental in China and with multiple respected institutions in Singapore. He is multidisciplinary and interesting. His teaching philosophy and methodology developed from rich teaching experience and diligent research helped and will help students to improve.

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United Lisen Education Centre’s Course Consultant, Susan holds a master’s degree from NTU Singapore. Susan has conducted extensive research into the education system of Singapore and other English-speaking countries. She is adept at consulting with students and developing effective study plans according to students’ individual situations.

Susan is available to offer professional guidance and advice to students on topics such as study, school selection and migration. She is also available to serve as a student advisor, helping students as they establish practical short-term and long-term academic goals.